Our Company

We are a company dedicated to the development of innovative products with our own brands. We constantly search for global trends and establish strategic alliances with leading factories in the East to provide highly competitive design products.

Founded in 2000, we also have an office in Shenzhen, China, with technical, commercial, and shipping staff who provide constant feedback on our developments and productions.

We are dedicated to service because we understand it as a crucial factor in business

  • Quality Assurance

    Titan Inc has an International Trade service area to provide the best advice and assistance in direct imports. These types of operations greatly increase the profitability of the business for our clients.

  • Certified Suppliers

    We work with certified, approved, and tested suppliers in China, complying with the highest quality standards and meeting all developments and timelines dynamically.

  • International Trade Service

    Throughout the production process, we conduct intermediate controls and audits, as well as pre-shipment checks through specialized third-party electronics companies.

Design Area and Development

Titan Inc has an in-house design and development area that visually represents the commercial essence of each product, from the initial idea to the 100% finished product.

The main tasks of this area include product outlook, whether it is a restyling or a development from scratch, packaging design, application design, user manuals, photo productions, video productions, product sheets, web presentation, online marketing, and community management. We have the ability to achieve products that perform better, look and sell better.